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Why do I need to register?

VCP Terms and Conditions

  • Ribbon N Blues Staff, Agents, Suppliers or their immediate families are not eligible to register and therefore participate in the Ribbon N Blues Valued Customer Programme.
  • To participate in the Ribbon N Blues Valued Customer Programme a Customer must register first. As part of that registration process the person registering is representing to Ribbon N Blues they are the authorised recipient of any prizes.
  • Ribbon N Blues can therefore deal with such person on that understanding and is under no obligation to reissue prizes in the event that such a person has registered without authority.
  • Only one person can register per Customer for the Valued Customer Programme.
  • The Winner's details will be published on our invoices, statements and this website.
  • You agree that in the event of winning a prize, Ribbon N Blues can publish your details in an appropriate manner to its customer base.
  • Prizes are drawn based on the value of invoices raised during a promotion period not on the date the goods were ordered.
  • You need to pay your invoices on time because when we undertake a prize draw we are effectively selecting an invoice with its associated "block of value". If that invoice was not paid by due date [i.e. our terms are 20th month following but we will allow up to and including payment receipt by the last day of the month following the invoice date] the prize will be redrawn. So don't miss out by not paying invoices on time.
  • Prizes are offered at the sole discretion of Ribbon N Blues. They may be offered as a specific non-returnable/refundable prize or as a voucher on a travel agent, airline, hotel, retailer etc in order that the Winner may tailor the prize or book a travel time most convenient to themselves. Ribbon N Blues agrees to pay up to the maximum value specified in the promotion.
  • By participating in the programme you agree that the Ribbon N Blues drawing of prizes and notification of the Winner is final. You agree not to enter into any communication with Ribbon N Blues in respect of prize draws unless you have been notified as Winner of a prize draw.
  • RnB reserves the right to cease or substantially change the VCP Programme or change these Terms and Conditions without notification.
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