Printed Ribbon

One of the effective ways to advertise your business is to complement any product or corporate gift with branded ribbon.

Ribbon N Blues specialises in a printed ribbon service which is fast, reliable, delivers a quality product and is cost effective.  If you were to view our complete portfolio, you would understand why we believe we are the pre-eminent supplier of branded corporate ribbon in New Zealand.

We print using a hot stamp foil process. This delivers a bold professional looking outcome.

Our printed ribbon is not suitable to be washed or ironed or subject to high wear and tear. Our ribbon is designed for presentation packaging – not clothing labels.

We can print on a number of ribbon sub-strata depending on the effect you wish to create.   

  • Satin for a prominent, clear  professional look
    • Widths range from 6mm to 100mm
    • Over 90% of the jobs we print are on satin
  • Grosgrain for a rustic “venetian blind” outcome
    • Because this ribbon is ridged, the print sits on the ridges, leaving the troughs blank
    • We typically print on 15mm
  • Organza for a subtle understated look
    • Because of its loose weave, a high percentage of organza fabric is “space” therefore when printed, much of the print is missing.
    • We can offer an extensive colour selection of 25 and 38mm organza
  • Other solid ribbons including herringbone and taffeta.

Our minimum print quantity is one roll, which ranges from 40-50M for satin/grosgrain to 100M for organza.  The more you print, the lower the per meter cost as your initial plate and setup costs are spread thinner over a greater meterage.

Give some thought as to the number of print colours you require.  If your brand comprises two colours, consider selecting the ribbon as one colour and then print in the other.  Most people print a single colour.  We can print one, two and more colours. Being able to print more than one colour is determined by the registration of your graphic [i.e. how closely the different colours butt against each other].  Tight registration typically means fewer print colours.

Multiple print colours increase your cost.  A two colour job is typically 60% dearer than a single print and a three colour job at least double a single colour price.

If you would like a no obligation printed ribbon quotation, just phone
us on (09) 479 3070 or 0800 742 625 or complete the form below.  In order for us to quote you must specify your ribbon type, width, number of print colours and most importantly meterage.

Just by way of note – our quotation is quite transparent, so you can easily see the cost of incremental rolls. Just make sure you specify the minimum number of metres you are looking for.

We look forward to being of service.

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