Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to register?

By taking less than a minute to complete a few fields we will give you access to our online pricing; by knowing your general location we will be able to quote you correct delivered costs PLUS! if you wish to do so you will be notified of any promotions or new product releases which may be of interest.

What is the minimum I must buy of any one item?

The unit of sale is dependent upon the product. In most instances this is a single unit, but there are certain lines such as boxes, cards and trims which whilst priced individually are sold in a pack size. These items are shown with a Minimum Order Quantity [MOQ]. Our system will advise you during the ordering process if a minimum order quantity applies and you will have multiple opportunities to accept or decline ordering in those quantities.

How do I see pricing?

Product pricing is not displayed until you Register and then sign on to our system.

Can I look for a specific product?

Yes, our unique FINDA tool bar enables you to filter your product selection down to the minutest level of detail by stipulating your requirements from the available drop lists. Be aware however that if you are too specific we may not have the exact product to match and you may end up with a "Nil" search result. If you do, just remove one or more of your least important criteria and try again. The FINDA tool bar is available at the top and bottom of most screens.

Can you help me find a box or bag to match my size requirements?

Yes we can. Go to the FINDA Toolbar. Select the Category you wish to search [e.g. box or bag], then enter the size you need and any other criteria [e.g. must be a 2 piece box or have a flip lid, colour etc.] then press the Find button. Remember if you are too specific we may not have the exact product to match and you may end up with a "Nil" search result. If you do, just remove one or more of your least important criteria and try again.

What is the price quoted?

All pricing is in New Zealand dollars per Sell Unit excluding GST and delivery charges.

How do I see what the delivered price will be?

Select the View Shopping Cart option at any time.

If I charge to my credit card do you charge me a premium?

We do not charge a premium for credit card payment.

How can I pay for goods?

Goods can be paid for via credit card, online payment or cheque.

Which credit cards do you accept?

American Express, MasterCard and VISA.

How quickly will you despatch my order?

This is determined by what you order. Over 98% of the items we sell are ex-stock and we strive to despatch these orders within one working day of order receipt. Some items do however need to be processed [e.g. we cut some of our satins and stamp some of our boxes to order], which means, there can be a 2-3 day lead-time. In the event that we are unable to ship your order within 4 days we will contact you. Courier leadtimes must be added to our order turnaround objective to determine your estimated order arrival date.

How long will it take to be delivered?

We overnight courier to non-rural North Island addresses. Delivery to the upper east coast of the South Island takes two days and three days for the remainder of the South Island.

What happens if an item is out of stock?

If a product is currently out of stock, we will endeavour to display this status via our website [i.e. you will be unable to order the product]. Due to customer ordering load and website up-dating leadtimes, from time to time we may sell out and may not have had time to update the website. Our commitment to you is that we can ship 98% of items ex-stock within our Order Turnaround objective.

Can I get samples before I buy?

We do not offer free samples on items such as boxes and bags. For some box lines we are happy to sell you a sample. They are charged at a premium and are non-returnable. If you subsequently buy the minimum order quantity for that sample product we will credit you the difference between the sample price and the selling price.

How do I make sure the colour descriptions are correct?

We endeavour to describe colours accurately and to ensure the photographs we display are realistic. In the case of our fabric ribbon, we have cross-referenced colour names to Wikipedia to create some consistency in our naming convention. This also enables you to look up colours independently. We will do our utmost to ensure we adhere to this convention but because of the large number of ribbons involved cannot guarantee our naming will be error free. The photographs we display will give an alternative colour reference. Refer for a definition and colour samples.

In the case of non-ribbon product we endeavour to use generally accepted colour descriptions.

Please note the accuracy with which colours are displayed on your computer screen is a function of many variables including your screen resolution and the number of colours your graphics card is set to display.

How can I be sure of colour consistency?

As we purchase ribbons in bulk directly from the manufacturer, we cannot guarantee 100% colour consistency from one batch to the next. If there is a colour variation we will do our utmost to ensure this is reflected in the website colour description and the displayed photograph. If you order multiple rolls of ribbon of the same colour, we will ensure they are all from the same batch.

Do I have to disclose my credit card details to you?

No. We use the Westpac Payment Express portal for the processing of credit card payments. Payment Express is a best practice system used by the major NZ trading banks to provide a secure way of making internet credit card payments. Your payment details are not disclosed to us by Payment Express, therefore your financial confidentiality is protected.

Can I collect goods from you?

Goods can only be collected from us by prior arrangement.

Will you post my order?

We do not post orders.

How will you deliver my order?

All orders are couriered as it our means of ensuring goods are fully insured. Courier delivery also gives us the ability to track orders and obtain proof of delivery should it be required.

How is delivery cost determined?

The delivery charge for your order is based on the weight of product, the number of boxes required and your delivery location. Areas defined as "rural" by our freight company [not NZPO] are subject to a rural surcharge. This is one of the reasons we ask you to register so we can present you with an accurate delivery charge.

What happens if my order is late or goes missing?

Our courier service provider gives us access to their online tracking system. In the event a delivery does not arrive in keeping with our order turnaround and delivery lead-time objectives please feel free to contact us. We will then access their tracking system to determine delivery status.

Is my order insured?

All goods are fully insured to your door.

Will you leave goods without a signature?

Our courier is tasked with obtaining a signature for every delivery. We will leave goods only upon your instructions in which case the goods are left at your risk.

What if there is no one at the delivery location when the courier arrives?

The courier should leave a note indicating they called. You will be required to contact the courier company who will arrange redelivery. This will result in a delivery delay.

How do I get replacement goods for damaged or non-delivered goods?

In the event of non or damaged delivery, please contact us either by phone or email [refer Contact Us tab on the main menu bar]. Replacement items will be resent Free of Charge or a full credit given [at our discretion] once we have verified damage/non-delivery with our courier company.

Can I return goods?

Subject to the exceptions listed, we offer you a seven day "no questions asked" return policy provided:- the goods are retuned to us within 7 days of receipt by you; are returned at your expense; are unused and if opened are repackaged in a new state. Returned goods may be subject to a minimum 15% restocking fee. Review the T&Cs which apply to your account when you are ready to confirm your order. We will not accept returned used, customer damaged or partially used goods where they are sold in a pack size or Minimum Order Quantity. In the event goods are not returned in a pristine state we reserve the right to refuse to accept the return or charge you a restocking fee commensurate with the state of the returned product starting with a minimum of 15% of the purchase price.

Custom orders such as indent shipments, printed ribbon, cut satin [SATXXX product codes], stamped-to-order boxes, custom made ribbon stands etc. are excluded from this 7 day returns policy.

What if I am sent the wrong goods?

If we have sent you incorrect product or product which is damaged upon arrival, we will, at our option credit the full amount of the damaged item or replace it at our expense with the equivalent new item. We will pay for the return freight on any incorrect or damaged product.

What product warranty can I expect?

We warrant product to be free from defect and fit for purpose for a period of 30 days from delivery. In the event you are unhappy with product quality please contact us [refer Contact Us option on the main menu bar]. We will then at our discretion replace the faulty items or give you a credit/refund as agreed.

How do I find what I am looking for?

Our website is designed to enable you to find the product via three easy-to-use methods. You can select the option which best suits the way you wish to shop. The options are:

  • PRODUCT TYPE buttons to the left of the Home page e.g. Ribbon, Giftwrap, Boxes etc. By selecting one of these buttons you will be presented with a list of available "type" options within the general product category from where you can browse.
  • SHOP FOR PACKAGING option on the menu bar. This graphic displays product Categories and in turn Sub-categories which can be quite different from the PRODUCT TYPE selections above. Again great if you wish to browse.
  • FINDA Toolbar - This is your most powerful selection tool. The FINDA toolbar enables you to filter your product selection down to the minutest detail. Select the product specification you need and if we sell it we will present you with the available options. Be aware that if you are too specific we may not have the exact product to match and you may end up with a "Nil" search result. If you do, just remove one or more of your least important criteria and try again.

Can I buy at wholesale?

Wholesale pricing is available to customers using presentation packaging supplies as part of their Cost of Sales e.g. Retailers and Manufacturers. Such organizations are regular volume buyers. The minimum buy is $60 [ex GST/freight] for wholesale customers.

Can I open an account with Ribbon N Blues?

We are happy to receive credit account applications from our wholesale customers.

Can I visit your showroom?

Wholesale customers are welcome to visit our showroom weekdays 9.30am to 3.45pm. Our showroom is for the exclusive use of our wholesale customers only.

Can I get a Sales Representative to call on me?

We would be delighted to arrange one of our national sales team to visit you. Sales Representatives only call on wholesale customers and do not visit residential addresses.

Where can I read your formal terms and conditions?

Please refer to the option under About Us on the main menu bar.