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A weave of multiple fibre strands


A coarse canvas woven from jute or hemp typically used for sacking

China Knot

Also named ratstail, polyester rope, nylon rope can be made from nylon or polyester. A thin tightly woven cord around 2mm thick


A line made of twisted fibres or threads

Cut Edge

Ribbon with a scissor type edge which has typically also been heat sealed as part of the cutting process to prevent the fabric fraying.

Double Face

Yarn woven with two warps to simulate a double satin construction. Has satin on both sides i.e. unlike single face satin it is shiny on both sides

TDPA - epiTM

Totally Degradable Plastic Additive is manufactured by a Canadian company and can be added during manufacture to the LLDPE plastic bags we supply to create biodegradable and therefore eco-friendly plastic bags.


Made in imitation i.e. artificial.

FDA Approved

Packaging which meets the US Food and Drug Administration standards for contact with food.

Flat Pack

A box which is supplied in an unassembled state.


A decorative detail representing a wreath or other arrangement of flowers, leaves, fruit etc


A plain woven cotton or synthetic fabric with a pattern comprising checks or plaids. Available in a variety of colours and pastels against a white or ecru background.


In respect of giftwrap refers to the sheen on the underlying paper stock.


A thick textile with a very tight weave and narrow ribbing creating a ridged texture.


A measure of the thickness of paper which in turn directly influences the paper weight. Meaning "grams per square metre".


High Quality Carry Bags - bags made from LLDPE with a die cut handle


Linear low-density polyethylene is a polyethylene thermoplastic made from petroleum. Has high relative strength and is ideal for carry bags.


A twilled fabric with a pattern of columns of short parallel lines with all the lines in one column sloping one way and lines in adjacent columns sloping the other way to meet at a point


A fabric with a woven or knitted design


Rough natural fibre made from the stems of plants used for making twine and rope or woven into sacking/burlap.


A strong usually brown but can be a white bleached paper used primarily for bags and wrapping paper

Kraft - Bleached

Bleached Kraft paper is used for high quality paper where strength, whiteness and resistance to yellowing are important

Kraft - Ribbed

Kraft paper with a ribbed finish on one side. This has the effect of adding to the tensile strength of the paper.


A knitted or woven fabric of open texture that can typically be seen through. Can comprise wired or fabric strands.


A multi-coloured variegated design


A sheer nylon fabric constructed in plain weave and smooth finish. Soft textured and easy to tie it is the ideal low cost way of wrapping gifts and making bows.


A saw-toothed thick ribbon similar to grosgrain with a snake-like thread


A series of small embroidered loops forming an ornamental edging


A pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. Also see Tartan

Poly Raffia

A synthetic version of raffia palm fibre which ships in a continuous length [unlike the natural product which is short cuts of various lengths] and can be used as light cordage. Delivers a very strong, rustic and natural looking tie.


Also named china knot, polyester rope, nylon rope can be made from nylon or polyester. A thin tightly woven cord around 2mm thick

Ric Rac

A flat narrow braid woven in zigzag form commonly used as a trimming for clothing or curtains

Saddle Stitch

Ribbon which has a staple stitch along the edges


A smooth fabric of silk or rayon with at least one glossy face

Satin Edge

A ribbon with a satin finished edge for a more luxurious look

Satin Finish

In respect of giftwrap refers to paper with a non-sheen finish


A ribbon woven with two different coloured threads thereby displaying colour variations when the ribbon is twisted.

Single Face

As per the definition of satin above single face satin has one shiny and one dull side i.e. it is single faced

Swiss Dot

A small dot motif where the dots are typically raised and evenly spaced and offset as on a domino tile. Dots can be single or multi-coloured


A pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. Also see Plaid


A smooth woven fabric made from silk or synthetic fibres with a lustrous or shiny surface on both sides. It has a subtle horizontal ribbing effect which provides lots of body.


Differently coloured zones in the fabric as in one colour running into and changing into another. Also see Ombre.


A woven tufted fabric in which the cut threads are very evenly distributed, with a short dense pile on one side for a distinct feel and a smooth back

Wire Edge

A ribbon with a spun yarn or filament edge covering a thin wire thereby delivering a finished look to the ribbon. Because of the introduced stiffness of the wire this enables the ribbon to stand up making it ideal for making bows

Woven Edge

A ribbon with a spun yarn or filament edge delivering a more finished look to the ribbon. The edge may be in the same colour as the ribbon fabric or in a different colour e.g. gold or silver.


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